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Album pre-launch starts now!

🤖❌🌃 It's official! 🤖❌🌃 The pre-sale for ELYOSE new album Déviante has begun! You will not believe what we have in store for you... This is your opportunity to pre-order the album and get a free signed print! The offer expires on the day of the official album release day: February 9th, 2023

A few precisons regarding this new collection:

  • It will not be discounted during the upcoming Black Friday Sale 2022

  • There are no vinyls available because the prices have increased too much and we couldn't afford it this time unfortunately...

  • We are still releasing our music as a 100% independent artists

  • It's a PRE-SALE so you won't receive your tracking number(s) until late January / early February for an estimated delivery date of February 9th, 2023

Now some of you might wonder: what is a pre-sale for? And you're right to ask you this question while you could just buy the CD or bundle on the release day, right? Well, the main goal is actually for us to get the funds for the pressing, which is very expensive, and also for our PR company. Together we are already working on the album & new video launch. When pre-ordering, you're not just buying the album but you're also allowing us to launch it and supporting us as an independent artists who don't need to rely on a label or big loans. Most importantly, all the pre-orders will get a free signed print as a personnal THANK YOU because your participation enables us to continue to be fully independent artists and you're making a difference in the music community.

Thank you SO MUCH for your support!


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