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My vacation at Les Arcs, France

After my EP launch, which has been very intense, I felt like I was reaching the limits of my body so decided to take a one week vacation that turned into two in the end... I went to "Les Arcs" in my home country France and enjoyed simple things like sunbathing, reading, hikes in the mountains and vegan burgers. I even did paragliding!! Here are some photos and one video of my trip:

During that time, I also made time to read your feedback on Persona. It has been three weeks since the release of my new EP and I am overwhelmed with the positive response to my music. You guys are the best! My most popular song has been "Fit In" on streaming platforms...

While I was away, two of my albums sold out of signed copies so when I returned from vacation I went to my warehouse and signed a new bunch of CDs. So the good news is that the AUTOGRAPHED Industrial Symphonic Metal Trio bundle is now available again! And so are my other CDs and LPs, but keep in mind that all the signed copies are limited in quantity.


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