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New album in the works ⚙

Hey there! I've got a little music update for you... I am really on a roll right now with the songwriting and feeling very inspired. I'm in the early stages of writing a new album but I can tell you already a few things: I decided to work again with Anthony Chognard and Maxx Maryan, who I have worked with on my latest EP 'Persona'. They really are the best team I could've dreamed of and very involved in my project! My process is that I write the complete song - the entire structure, the chord progressions, the melody, etc. Then, I send it to Anthony for guitars and drums arrangements. You can watch a teaser clip of his work HERE! Finally, Maxx superstructures the electronic and cyber elements to give more "air" on the one hand and more rhythmic fragmentation on the other. I also invited a female guest vocalist for the very first time, which I haven't announced yet, because not everything is set in stone but I'm very excited about it! And you're going to be too! Maybe you know this already but I'm not a big fan of duets with similar tessituras and prefer to emphasize on contrast... I don’t have any dates or specifics on when a new single/EP/album would be out, but as time goes on, I'll definitely keep you in the loop!

People have asked me how they can get involved. If you want to support the making of this new album, there's two ways you can do that. One is you can go to my shop and get some merch, and the second way is through my tip jar. I’d love to have your involvement. Just to give you an idea of the undertaking it is for an artist like me and what I do... To fully produce one song it can cost anywhere from 2000€-3000€. Yes - for EACH song. It adds up fast! That’s for paying each musician to arrange & record their final parts (and they are worth it!), plus mixing & mastering, and artwork. One song can involve anywhere from 5-7 people. Crazy! Plus it’s awesome to be able to support other musicians in the industry right now who really need it. You can be a significant part of that if you want. Wanna help me make some music? Just help yourself on my Metal & Gothic lifestyle Shop or head over to for a tip🏺 Thank you for supporting independent music, as always!!

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