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'Persona' pre-sale has begun!

Well, we’ve done it. Persona is finally here!

To say it was a strange year would be a bit of an understatement, but it was also a year of unbelievable opportunity for me to start working with new amazing musicians who really believe in music. Going away from those who just want to have fun has been such a relief... Thanks to this, I believe I was able to create the best ELYOSE release so far and I honestly think that you will love it!

Here's the cover art by Nat Enemede:

You can now browse my new collection to find your best option! I created new bundles and added new and fun accessories, as per your request!

I'd like to mention that every time you purchase from my shop, you can know that it's supporting my music directly. In fact, profits from The Elyose Shop go directly to the making of the next album - which is absolutely amazing. So, thank you for supporting independent artists such as myself - it means the world.


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